Happy Monday to everyone! Here you have the updates that we have this week, if you have any question...
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Multiple delete by Waleed Elkasefi SOLVED
3 days ago
HiI'm new to your platform, still trying to figure out how to use it.Can I delete, or move multiple ...
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Highlight by Barbara Roberti
4 days ago
Hello!HIGHLIGHT: When students check their answers, words colour are almost the same (red) and it's ...
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Tasks' default score by Giancarlo P SOLVED
Hi,I don't know if someone already asked that but here we go. Every time I assign a worksheet as a t...
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Hi,I've made a mistake correcting one of my student's submissions and I'd like to fix it before he s...
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This task is not available anymore ! by YULLI FURMAN SOLVED
Hello guys , I want to know if anyone is unhappy because of the amount of activities showing as "not...
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Add Another teacher by Kerri-Ann Cumberbatch SOLVED
Is there anyway to add another teacher to the group to oversee and assign worksheets, grade them etc...
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Change questions' scores by Lee Park SOLVED
I need to change the max score of a couple of questions in my latest worksheet. I want those questio...
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Hello everyone! Here are the updates we have this week explained:Send multiple worksheets to your st...
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Hi,Please help me to manage my folders and worksheets.How do I remove all my worksheets which are ou...
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Reorder pages by Erney Haji SOLVED
Hi,I've created a worksheet with 4 pages but after creating all fields with texts and images I've re...
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Hello! Here you have the latest news TopWorksheets has had in June:Very complete worksheet builderTa...
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Equations input field by Cristina Biasiol SOLVED
Hi,is there any way to make students answer with a formula or equation?Thank you!Cristina
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Different email from Google Classroom by Kaytlin Saetang SOLVED
Hi,I signed up with my personal email but I want to connect my school Google Classroom account. Do I...
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Please add the number field. by RATTANAPORN RATTANAWICHAI
I need a field for students to enter a number before submitting their answers. Originally, there was...
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Hi,I'm starting to use a closed group with my students but they don't have an school email address. ...
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Submissions with mistakes by Kaytlin Saetang SOLVED
I have received some students submissions with the same error on the same question because it wasn't...
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Publish worksheets in my blog by Lee Park SOLVED
Hi,I have a blog that I use with my students and other teachers for my school and I've seen the opti...
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Student sent task twice by Professor Teams SOLVED
Hi,One of my students sent me a task twice because he felt one answer was not correct. I've seen the...
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