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The feature "Do the task again" didn't work properly


Hello, I just want to make a comment on something that happened during one of my lessons last week. 

Kids were completing a topworksheet for which I had set up the possibility of "Do the task again" by only correcting the mistakes. 

What happened to many of them (not all) is that they clicked on that button and then all the answers disappeared, the correct ones including. 

Why did this happen? 

What shall I do in case it happens again? Kids completed all the answers again, but it took time away from other activities. 

Thanks for reading.

Kind regards, 


by María Laura


Hi Maria Laura,

Please, tell us the link or the name of the task that didn't work properly and we will look into it.

Remember that on open groups this feature only works if the students do the task in the same device.

Kind regards.

Hi Maria Laura,

We have found the cause of this issue and has been fixed. The issue won't happen anymore.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Ah! Ok! Thank you, Christian.

This is the link to the task: https://www.topworksheets.com/t/NAQkxEofl5u

Each kid had a device to use on his own. They didn't share computers. 

María Laura 04/09/2024

The link I copied in my previous message was assigned to one of my groups. 

And this link is of the same topworksheet, but assigned to another group: https://www.topworksheets.com/t/ovhQUhYeSwh

I don't recall if there were problems in this group when they clicked in "Do the task again". Could you check it, just in case?

Thank you very much for your time!!!! 

I (heart) Topworksheets!

María Laura 04/09/2024

Hi Maria Laura,

Don't worry, the issue with the "Do the task again" feature has been solved for all cases, so you won't have problems in any of the groups.

Thanks for your words.

Great!! Thank you very much!

María Laura 04/09/2024