Individual premium plans

Save time, access all features and enjoy all advantages of the premium plans
(Save 17%)


Free forever

Our core features:
  • 3 student groups
  • 30 students per group
  • 10 uses per month of TopWorksheets AI
  • Up to 10 questions in the worksheet builder
  • Worksheets up to 10 pages
  • 30 tasks per month
  • Keep student submissions for 15 days
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$4.95 / month
(Billed at $59.50 / year)

Everything in the free plan plus:
  • Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams and Moodle integrations
  • 50 private worksheets
  • 10 student groups
  • 60 students per group
  • 5 allowed co-teachers
  • Unlimited tasks per group
  • Voice, image and video answer fields
  • Categorize tasks with topics
  • Anti-cheating features
  • Student and group stats with export to Excel
  • Video and audio feedback for students
  • Custom backgrounds in worksheets
  • Add collaborators to worksheets
  • Uploaded image gallery
  • Keep student submissions for 1 year


$9.12 / month
(Billed at $109.50 / year)

Everything in the gold plan plus:
  • Unlimited private worksheets
  • Unlimited groups
  • Unlimited students
  • 10 allowed co-teachers
  • 200 uses per month of TopWorksheets AI
  • Keep student submissions for 2 years
* All prices are in US Dollars

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really use the platform for free?
Yes, we will always offer a free plan. You can decide to upgrade at any time if you need more advanced features.

The free plan is great. Why should I upgrade to a premium plan?
That's true, the free plan is quite amazing but premium plans offer you the full power of the platform. Premium plans allow you to take your work to the next level, including lots of features that save you a lot of time and help your students to learn faster. They also help us to continue working on improving the platform every day.

I want to contract a premium plan but I want my school to pay. What should I do?
You can ask your school to contract the TopWorksheets premium plan for you (some of our premium teachers have had success doing just that!). If you don't want to wait, you can contract the premium plan yourself and get a refund of up to 6 months once your school buys it. This way you don't have to wait for bureaucracy before enjoying all the benefits of the premium plan.

Is there a plan for schools?
Yes! We have special plans for schools with multiples licenses and great discounts. Check out all the info in our school plans page.

I spoke to my school, but they're not convinced. How can I show them the power of TopWorksheets?
The best way is to start using TopWorksheets in your class and sharing it with your colleagues. You can all start with the free plan. Then, once students and teachers love working with TopWorksheets, you can show the results to your school and convince them of the advantages of the school premium plan. The more teachers using the platform, the easier it will be to convince the school to pay for it.
You can also put us in touch with your school so we can show them all the advantages of working with TopWorksheets.
If you need any material (brochures, flyers,...) to help you convince your school or want to put us in touch, please send us a mail to

Can I cancel at any time?
Yes! You can manage your premium plan in your account section. When your paid period finishes we won't charge you anymore and you will be downgraded to the free plan.

What happens with my private worksheets when I cancel?
As the free plan doesn't include private worksheets, you will have to make them public to be able to use them. If you contract a premium plan again, they will be available as private to use them.

What happens with my groups when I cancel?
If you have more groups than allowed by the free plan, the oldest ones will be archived automatically. If you contract a premium plan again, they will be reactivated automatically.

Can we share one premium plan among multiple teachers?
No. As stated in our terms and conditions you must use your account individually as a personal account, and it cannot be shared with other teachers.

I have a promotional code for free months of the premium plan. How can I redeem it?
No problem, you just have to input the code in the redeem promotional code page to get the premium plan.

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