School premium plans

As a school or district, you can share the benefits of TopWorksheets with all the teachers with up to 50% discounts.

School plan

Unlimited plan for all your teachers.

What more do we offer in custom plans?
  • We can prepare quotes or P.O.s
  • We accept payment by bank transfer
  • Unlimited private worksheets
  • Unlimited groups
  • Unlimited students
  • Unlimited tasks per group
  • 10 allowed co-teachers
  • Keep student submissions for 2 years
  • Unlimited folders to organize your worksheets
  • Worksheets up to 50 pages
  • Voice answers up to 5 minutes
  • Unlimited custom score systems
  • Recycle bin for 60 days

Do you want more info about school plans?

Explain your needs and requirements and we'll get in contact with all the info, so your school can enjoy all TopWorksheets advantages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which plan do I need?
If you want to contract one of our predefined school plans, choose according to the number of teachers you want to link to the school. If you have additional needs or specific requirements, contact us and we'll help you

Is there a minimum number of linked teachers?
In order to qualify for a school plan, the minimum number of linked teachers is 3. The account contracting the school plan is counted as a linked teacher

Is there a trial period for the school plan?
Sure, just contact us and we'll setup an account for your school so you can try it for free up to three months

What happens if a teacher leaves the school?
No problem, you can always revoke the license and invite other teachers through our platform

Can I purchase additional licenses at a later date?
Yes, just get in contact with us and we will help you

How do I give access to the teachers?
Once your school plan is active, you can manage all school teachers access from the platform, inviting new teachers or removing current ones, up to the number of licenses you have purchased. If a teacher is already a user of TopWorksheets, he will be upgraded to the school plan

How long does the school plan last?
The licenses for the school plan last for 12 months from the activation date and are renewed automatically if you don't cancel before the renewal date

Which payment methods are accepted?
In predefined school plans we accept payments by debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and by Paypal. In custom plans we also accept payment by bank transfer. Contact us if you need an alternative payment method