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Alignment Issues in Completed Worksheet

I'm having some more issues with alignment problems. As you can see on this submitted worksheet, on the fifth page I had created a drag and drop exercise. However, once the student submitted it, the boxes are all over the place. Please see attached image and link. Thanks in advance for the help!


by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

We are currently investigating this issue. So far we tried sending answers with that worksheet and we weren't able to reproduce it and all boxes were correctly aligned.

It'd be very helpful if you could give us a hint if there is something different with this submission, like if it was made in a mobile device, zoom on the screen or something like that, so we can focus our investigation.

Anyway we continue investigating it.

Kind regards.

Hi, there was nothing I did differently. It was made on the same computer, and in the same way. I didn't have zoom or anything open. The only thing that was slightly different is that I put text boxes close to these drag and drop boxes. Would that make a difference?

Charlie Ziese 03/20/2024

Hi Charlie,

No, putting text fields besides the drop fields should not affect the position in the submission. We will continue investigating this, but so far we haven't been able to reproduce it.

We will let you know of any progress.

I have found that it tends to happen more often, or more noticeably, when the worksheet has several pages and the drag-and-drop exercise is on the last one(s). Maybe the displacement is only a small one that goes unnoticed but accumulates as the number of pages increases?

Juan José 03/20/2024

That could be an issue on mobile devices with very low resolution, but not on desktop browsers.

Thanks for checking into this further, I'll wait to hear more.

Charlie Ziese 03/20/2024