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Mandatory field which does not count for grading



We are looking for a way to insert mandatory text fields which won't be graded. We would like to create a questionnaire after the quiz which has to be filled out before sending it.

Using the text field as an open question would deactivate automatic grading, which isn't what we would like.

Thanks for any suggestions!

by Xavier Bit


Hi Xavier,

You can use the option "This question won't count towards the final score" available in the Written answer fields. As for the fields to be mandatory, you can mark all fields as mandatory when assigning the worksheet as a task, but that would make all worksheet's fields. There's no way to mark only one field as mandatory.

Kind regards.

Hi Christian!

Thanks for guiding me to the right place.

I modified the worksheet as suggested and this works for now. 

If any possible i would like to suggest a 'survey' field which would be mandatory but won't influence the rest of the quiz.

Xavier Bit 03/12/2024