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I have a challenge for you, if you have no urgent matters at hand: I have created a scoring system that uses blue instead of green to show the right answers, for a student who can't tell red from green, but the problem is that when an option is correct, both the correct and wrong options have the same blue background (see picture 1), instead of the paler one which is shown for unchecked options in the default scoring system (see picture 2). This is makes it look unfair, as apparently in picture 1 there are two correct answers and a single wrong one, but the score is of course 5 instead of 6.7; in picture 2 it is clear why the score is 5.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

by Juan José



We are already working on this issue you reported on another community post. We will let you know once it's fixed.

Hi Juan José,

We've change the way we generate the different colors for correct and incorrect answers in a task that uses a score system with custom colors. Please, tell us if the new system allows to better differentiate between the correct and incorrect answers.

Kind regards.

Yes, thank you so much!!

(Am I'm sorry if I sounded too insistent, I had forgotten about the other message on the same topic).

Juan José 04/26/2024

That's good to hear. And don't worry about that. 

Kind regards