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Background colour in feedback box.


Hi, I think something's changed and I hope it is not my eyesight, because I suddenly seem to find it harder to see the text when I'm writing feedback for my students (see attached image). I'm using Firefox 117.0.1 on Linux Ubuntu 20.4.6.

Do you think you could change the background colour to maybe a light grey if you prefer it not to be white?

by Juan José


Hi Juan José,

We will look into this to make it as readable as possible. We will keep you posted.

Kind regards.

Hi Juan José,

We have improved the readability of the selected text annotation. We hope it's easier to read now.

Kind regards.

This time you have surpassed yourselves, not only can I choose the background and font colour, but also the font and size. Thank you so much!!

Juan José 09/26/2023