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Is there any way to recover student's work in a task with duration?


I've created a test on Topworksheet and set the duration for the test. One student of mine was about to finish the test on her ipad, but she accidentally switched to another tab, and when she returned to Topworksheet to continue the test, the time ran out and I did not receive her work. I thought her test should have been autosaved and submitted automatically after the specified duration. Is there any chance that I could recover her work, because it would be unfair for my student having to retake the test due to the technical issue that happened out of nowhere. And if there's literally no chance finding her worksheet, could you suggest some ways to avoid situations like this in the future? Should I disable duration and time the test myself or something?

Thanks so much in advance and I look forward to your response.

by Academic ALI


Hi Ali,

When the duration assigned to a task ends the student can send the answers they have at that moment. No answers should be lost by assigning duration to a task.

As for recovery, if the task was assigned to an open group the autosave is in the device so we can't recover it, but if it's a closed group it should be in the student's account.

Tell us if there's something we can do to help.

It's an open group unfortunately. No worries, she has agreed to retake the test.

Thanks for your response!

Academic ALI 04/25/2024