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Scoring issue


Scoring seems to be off. it does not tally the right answers to the number of questions. 

Please refer to this worksheets:


for this score should be 7/7 if student marks all correct answers. But it is scoring 5/10 . 

Please help to reslove this problem. 

by Manju Mohta [AT Hub]


Hi Manju,

Looks like there are some issues in the Kitchen appliances worksheet. Let's see if resolving those solves the scoring issue.  

In the specified worksheets looks like the first Written answer (the Name one) should not count towards the final score.

Then the highlight answers all have the same identifier, so if the student fails one answer all answers are marked as incorrect. If you want to be independent you must assign a different identifier to each group of answers. You can do that using the dropdown in the sidebar when selecting the highlight fields (or check the help section of the highlight field).

About the scoring points, all worksheets' grades by default are shown with a total of 10 points, if you want to show the grades in a different score system you must create a task and either change the default total score or use a custom scoring system, whichever suits you better. Check our tutorial on how customize the grade show to the students.

We hope this solves your doubts, please let us know if there are some issues left.

Kind regards.