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Assign a worksheet as a task to your students

The easiest way to share a worksheet with your students is to assign it as a task. This will assign a worksheet as a task to our students and they will have it available in the student area or through a a link that you can share with them.

To assign a worksheet as task, click on the Assign as task to students option from the worksheet. A new page will appear where you will be able to customize some parameters of the assigned task.

First of all, you must select the group you want to assign the task to. In the group dropdown you will see all the groups you have access to and if they are groups imported from Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams the task will automatically sync with their platforms once you have selected all the desired options and created the task with the Create task button.

If we selected a closed group a second dropdown will appear where we can select the group's students we want to assign the task to. We can assign the task to all the students, we don't have to do anything in this case, or select one by one all the students we want to assign the task to. Inside the dropdown we can search students by name and select so only them can do the task.

Once we have selected a group to assign the task to we can modify the task title. By default the task title will be the same as the worksheet title but we can adapt the title to the group or students we are assigning the task to. For instance, if we have a worksheet called "Learn to add fractions" and we are going to assign it to our 3rd grade group we can change the task title to "The 3rd grade learns to add fractions" or "Learning to add fractions in 3rd grade".

Customize options

When we create a new task we can choose between different options:

  • Show grade after submitting the task: with this option we can set if we want the students to see the final grade once the task has been finished.
  • Show which answers are correct after submitting the task: with this option we can set if we want the students to seewhich questions have been answered correctly once the task has been finished.
  • Allow students to view the correct answers after submitting the task: with this option we can set if we want the students to see the correct values of the answers once the task has been finished, that is, if the student fails any question he will be able to see what should the correct answer be.
  • Allow students to resubmit the task by only doing incorrect answers from last submission: with this option we allow students, if they are repeating the task, to answer only the incorrect questions from their last submission. In Open groups this feature will only work if the students repeat the task in the same device where they did it originally
  • All worksheet questions must be answered before submitting the task: if this option is set the student will have to fill in all the answers before finishing the ask and submitting it. If it's not set, the student can send task with unfilled answers.
  • Allow students to send comments: if we have a premium plan, we can also choose to allow students to send comments when finishing the worksheet. These comments can be seen in the submission.

When we create a new task we can set a score system to be used when correcting. The default system calculates the final grade based on 10, but we can change it if we want the maximum grade to be different. If we want to change the grade shown to the students and , we can create a score system to set custom texts and/or images and select it when creating the task.

Another option we can customize is the number of times the worksheet can be done. It should be noted that this is controlled at the browser level, so the same student could do the same worksheet several times from different computers or different browsers.

Finally, we can limit the availability of the task we create so that it can only be done between a range of dates and times. We can set the start date, the end date or both at the same time.

On closed groups or groups imported from Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams the process has finished because the task will appear in the group page. With open groups another step is necessary.

Share link on open groups

Once we have created the task, a link will be generated, which we can copy and send to our students. The icons that appear on this page allow us to share this link directly in those applications, we have Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Whatsapp, Telegram o via Email. We can also share the numeric code assigned to each task so students can type or paste in the task access page, or even embed this task in our webpage using the code available at the end of the page.

Another interesting option to share the task link is using the QR code, this QR code is unique for each task and allows student to capture it from a screen or projector or you can print it so students can open it in their mobile devices. Clicking on the QR code a bigger and better resolution one will appear that can also be downloaded as we can see in the following image.

Share task by QR Code