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Multiple-choice fields allow the student to mark multiple answers as correct for the same question. In contrast with checkboxes, this field type allows to define a custom size and background color.

All multiple-choice fields related to the same question must be associated by their identifier. This identifier is automatically generated when adding a new multiple-choice field, and we can change it to associate the field to a new question with the Associate with a new identifier button. If we change it, we will see that the background of the field changes its color and that all related options have the same background color. When adding a new option we must choose whether that option must be checked or unchecked to be considered correct.

When autocorrecting the worksheet, all options with the same identifier will be counted as a single question. All the options in the question must match what we chose for the question to be counted as correct.

Here you can see a video showing how a student will see the Highlight field:

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