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Drag&drop fields allow the student to drag and drop images in the worksheet to classify or identify concepts.

For students to be able to drag images we will need to add at least two fields: an origin field, which will be the one to drag, and a destination field, where the dragged item can be dropped.

The type of field (Drag or Drop) can be selected once the field has been added to the worksheet.

Both fields must have the same identifier, so when self-grading the worksheet it can identify them correctly. Several Drag fields can be associated with the same Drop field if they all have the same identifier. We can also have multiple Drop fields with the same identifier if it does not matter in which one the Drag is placed.

We can also mark a Drag field as having no Drop, so that we can show several options to the student and only one of them (the one with the specified Drop) is the correct one. Also, a Drop field can be marked as having no Drag if we don't want any field to be dropped in it.

Fields that have the same identifier will have the same color border, so it's easy to know which ones are related.

On worksheets that have been created from an existing file, the background image will automatically be used for the drag field.

On worksheets that have been created from a blank page, it will be mandatory to upload an image for the drag fields.

Here you can see a video showing how a student will see the Drag&drop field:

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