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Code for students


Hi, I've just arrived at this platform and I need to know how I can generate the code I should pass to my students to give them access to the worksheets and folders? Thanks!

by Ma del Carmen Fernández


Hi Ma del Carmen,

To be able to send a code to your students you must create a task, please check our help page about creating tasks if you don't know how to do it, and to create a task you must have a group, you can choose from open groups, where anyone with a link can do the worksheet or a closed group where students must sign in with their account to be able to do the worksheets.

Once you have you task created, on open groups a page like this one will appear:

Open group task

where you have a code so students can access the worksheet or a link you can share in different platforms.

On closed groups once you have added students to the group they will be able to see and do the worksheets you assign to them without needing a code or a link.

Please check our tutorial and our help page if you have any more doubts, or you can ask here and we will help you anyway we can.

Kind regards.