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How to create closed groups

Closed groups allow you to track students' work, as they must have their own account on the platform. When students access their account, they can see pending tasks, as well as the results of previously completed tasks. To do this, they will need to log in or create an account.

If we do not want students to track their tasks or create an account, we can instead use open groups.

To create a closed group, go to the My groups section in the sidebar and select the Create new group option. Input a name to identify it and select the Closed group option.

Create closed group

Once the group has been created, we must add students to this group so they can receive the tasks assigned to them. To do this, click on the group you want to manage from the My groups section and select the Students tab. We can add students to the group in two different ways:

  • using an invitation code
  • using their e-mail address

For the first option, we only need to share with students the link we get by clicking on Copy link. With this link they can create an account that will be added to the class, or they can login with an existing account. We can also share the code of the class with them, they will have to access the TopWorksheets site where they can login or create a new account by entering the code.

For the second option, we will have to input the e-mail addresses of the students. They will receive an invitation in their e-mail account and must login or create an account through the link in the mail.

Once all the students have been added to the group, we have the option to lock the group, preventing more students from joining by using the code.

As students join the group, we will be able to see their names and manage their data on this page. As teachers, we will be able to change the student's name and password, as well as remove them from the group.

In the Assigned tasks section we can find all worksheets assigned to the group. The tasks are assigned in the same way as with the open groups, but in this case we will not need to share the link with our students. In addition, we can easily see if our students have completed them, making it easier to follow up on tasks. For example, in the image we can see how one of the four students in the group have already handed in one of the assignments. 

Tasks on closed groups

Finally, in the Statistics section we have access to the average grade of the group, of every student and each worksheet, as well as a list of the students' submissions, which we can export to Excel. Some of the options in the Statistics section are only available for premium accounts.