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How to add students to groups

Once a closed group has been created, you must add students to the group so they can receive and view tasks and workbooks assigned to them. To add students, click on the group you want to manage from the My groups section and select the Students tab. You can add students to the group in three different ways:

  • Invite using group code
  • Invite by email
  • Add manually

Invite using group code

You can invite students to create their own account and join the group with an invitation code. To do this, share with the students the link that you get when clicking on Copy link. With this link they can create an account that will be added to the group, or they can login with an existing. You can also share the group code directly with them: they will have to access the TopWorksheets website, where they can login or signup by entering the code.

Invite by email

If the students have email accounts, you can send the invitation to join the group directly to their emails. Just input the students' e-mails and they will receive an invitation in their email and can login or signup through the link they will receive.

Add manually

Finally, you can also add students by creating an account for them on the platform. This is especially useful with younger students, who are not able to create their own account.

In this case, you must input for each student a username and a password, which will be the data they will use to access the TopWorksheets platform. You must also input their first and last name and, optionally, their e-mail so they can receive notifications of new tasks and corrections.

After adding students manually, you can download the list of added students with their data, both in Excel and PDF format. The latter is very useful because you can print it and cut it out, to give each student their data so that they know how to access the platform.