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How to create open groups

With open groups we can assign tasks to our students in a very simple way, since they do not need an account to access them, just a link. Once they have completed the worksheet, they only have to input their name so we can identify them when receiving the result.

The disadvantage of open groups is that they do not allow students to track the tasks assigned to them, and they are more difficult to manage because if students input their names incorrectly it will not be possible to track the worksheets they have completed. If we need these functionalities, we can instead choose to use closed groups.

To create an open group, go to the My groups section of the sidebar and select the Create new group option. Input a name to identify the group and select the Open group option.

Once a group has been created we can assign tasks to this group from the worksheets. From the group's page we can manage these tasks: see the list of students' submissions, their average grades or delete the tasks, as well as export the list of submissions in Excel or download all the submissions of a worksheet in PDF. Some of these options are only available for premium accounts.