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Assign a worksheet as a task to your students

The easiest way to share a worksheet with your students is to assign it as a task. This will generate a link that you can share with them in multiple ways and you will receive the answers from each student when they finish the task.

To assign a worksheet as task, click on the Assign task to students option from the worksheet. A new page will appear where you will be able to customize some parameters of the assigned task.

When you have filled in all the data, press the Create task button to obtain the link you can share with your students.

When we generate a task for our students, we must assign it to a group. The group refers to the class or group of students to whom we are going to send the link. This will allow to sort the tasks and to be able to filter the submissions of the students by groups.

When the student completes a worksheet and sends it to us, he must first input his name so that we can identify who has done the worksheet.

Customize options

When we create a new task we can choose between different options:

If we have a premium plan, we can also choose to allow students to send comments when finishing the worksheet. These comments can be seen in the submission.

When we create a new task we can set a score system to be used when correcting. The default system calculates the final grade based on 10, but we can change it if we want the maximum grade to be different. If we want to change the grade shown to the students and , we can create a score system to set custom texts and/or images and select it when creating the task.

Another option we can customize is the number of times the worksheet can be done. It should be noted that this is controlled at the browser level, so the same student could do the same worksheet several times from different computers or different browsers.

Finally, we can limit the availability of the task we create so that it can only be done between a range of dates and times. We can set the start date, the end date or both at the same time.

Share link

Once we have created the task, a link will be generated, which we can copy and send to our students. We can also share it directly using different tools: