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How to create student accounts

Once we have created a closed group and invited our students, they will need to create a TopWorksheets account to join the group or, if they already have one, add the group to their account.

How to create a student account?

There are different ways to create a student account. The first option is to share the link with the code group with them. This link will take them directly to the student sign up page.

If we share only the group code with them (the group code will be a set of letters and numbers, similar to this: 66ca0abe), they can browse to the TopWorksheets site, select the Sign up option and click on I'm a student. They will have to enter the group code and then they will be able to create their account.

Join a group from an existing account

If the student already has a TopWorksheets account, he can join the group from his account. Once logged in, he must go to the My Groups tab and select the Join group with code option. Once the code has been entered, he can accept the invitation and join the group.