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Is there an option similar to [Custom link] option on Liveworksheet Platform ?

Hi everyone,

Is there an option similar to [Custom link]  option on Liveworksheet Platform that allows students to just enter their ames and group level and subject but not the teacher's email?

Thanks in advance 

by Virtual Campus



Yes there is, you can assign a worksheet as a task to an Open group and a link will be generated that can be sent to your students. You can see the Assign worksheet as a task button in the image below.

Assign worksheet as task

Once they receive the link they can answer the worksheet and they'll just need to type their names or identifiers and you will receive those submissions in the group page.

For more information on how to create open groups, how to assign a worksheet as a task or correct students' submissions you can check our help section or ask use here.

Also if you have any more questions don't hesitate to contact us.