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How to send a worksheet as an assignment to Microsoft Teams

We can send worksheets to Microsoft Teams to create assignments for our students. The process is identical to the one we use when creating tasks in the TopWorksheets platform.

Assign as task to students

First of all, we must click on the Assign as task to students from the worksheet we want to send to Teams.

A screen will appear where we can choose different options to create the assignment. First of all we need to select the Microsoft Teams groups we will have previously imported.

We can also select other options: show the grade when finishing the worksheet, the grading system to use or if we want to limit the time at which the assignment can be accessed.

Finish by pressing Assign task, so it will be sent to Microsoft Teams and we can see it there.

If we open Microsoft Teams we can see how the assignment appears there, track when the students complete the worksheet and the grade they get.