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How to create a TopWorksheets activity on Moodle

If you have installed TopWorksheets in your Moodle, now all the Moodle teachers can create activities on their courses. Let's see how it's done. Remember, to do all these actions you need to toogle the "Edit mode" switch in the top-right corner.

  1. Go to the desired course and find the Topic where you want to add an activity.
  2. Click on the "Add an activity or resource" link under the topic.
    Create an activity on Moodle
  3. Find TopWorksheets in the list of tools that has appeared in the pop-up window. You can use the search bar if you don't find it.
    Create an activity on Moodle
  4. Once you have selected TopWorksheets the "Add new external tool" page will appear, there click on the "Select content" button.
    Create an activity on Moodle
  5. Log in with your TopWorksheets' teacher credentials.
  6. Create a new group by adding a name and a description for the Moodle course. These last 2 steps will not appear if this is not the first TopWorksheets activity you have added.
  7. Browse to find the worksheet you want to use in your activity and click on it.
    Create an activity on Moodle
  8. Assign the worksheet as a task, configure it as you want and click on the "Assign task" button. Tov view the possible configuration options you can check out article Assign a worksheet as a task to your students.
  9. TopWorksheets will automatically redirect to Moodle.
  10. Check that the "Accept grades from the tool" and "Share launcher’s name with tool" checkboxes (inside the Privacy section) are checked.

  11. Create the activity by clicking on any of the save buttons.

You will see the activity in the selected topic for the course (it will be marked as "External tool"). When the students complete this activity the grades will be automatically synced from TopWorksheets to your Moodle.