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How to change the design of the worksheet

Although the look is usually secondary to the content, an attractive content will be easier to learn and work with. That's why you can change the design of your worksheets created using the Worksheet builder.

You can change the typography of the text (questions and answers) on the worksheet. You can also choose among a selection of different backgrounds for the worksheet. To do that, you just need to select your preferred font family and size from the dropdowns in the Design tab, and select one of the backgrounds using the Worksheet background dropdown.

You can also add a header to the worksheet. This header will include the title and description of the worksheet. Optionally, you can also add a logo to this header.

Browse to the Header tab and select one of the available header options:

  • Never: don't add a header to the worksheet
  • On first page: add the title, description and logo on the first page of the worksheet
  • On all pages: add the title, description and logo on all the pages of the worksheet

If you select one of the two last options, you can upload a logo using the Header logo input.