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How to add a media element to your question

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, that's why you can add media elements to your questions to make them more intelligible, complement the question or just make them prettier. The media elements you can add to each question are an image or a YouTube video.

To add a media element click on the Add media button on the question where you want to add it. A modal window will appear where you can choose which media to add.

Add media

Add an image

If you want to show your students an image, select the Image tab on the Add media window and upload an image file from your computer. The allowed formats are jpg, png and gif.

Add an image to a question

Once added, the image will appear under the question statement on the worksheet. Here is an example of a question with an associated image.

Question with image

Add a YouTube video

Instead of an image, you can add a Youtube video explaining some topic or giving instructions. To add the video, copy and paste or write the video URL on the YouTube video URL input.

Here is an example of a question with an associated Youtube video.

Question with a YouTube video