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Hello! These are the latest updates that TopWorksheets has had, we hope you like them:

Faster corrections: We have added the option to navigate between student submissions. When correcting worksheets, we can go from one to another without having to leave the corrections. The links are located both at the top of the submissions and at the bottom.

Lock fields: From now on, we can lock fields when we are creating a worksheet. This will make them unmovable or even allow us to create one field on top of another, very useful if we want to use, for example, the Underline tool on an Image field. Click on this link where we explain in detail how to do it:


Replace all the templates: In case of identifying an error when creating a worksheet with several pages, we can replace all of them in the visual editor. Before, you could only replace page by page and now, for example, if you upload a multi-page PDF, all pages will be replaced.

New fonts in the editors: We have added more types of fonts in both the visual and builder editors to enrich the creation of interactive worksheets.

by Cristina TopWorksheets