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Kiến nghị cách học sinh xem phản hồi

Các bạn nên thiết kế cho học sinh của chúng tôi xem phản hồi của giáo viên qua liên kết làm bài giáo viên đã gửi.

Nếu được như vậy sẽ rất tuyệt.

by Đoàn Phượng



If I understood correctly your message you want your students to see the comments and annotations you make in their submissions. Right now the only way to do that is download the PDF file after adding the annotations and send it to your students. 

If I didn't understood your message correctly, please let me know. 

You think right. However, I don't want to download the pdf and send it back to the students, i want when the teacher enters the comments, the students will see it themselves.

Phượng Cô 09/16/2021

Your software is very important to me.

Phượng Cô 09/16/2021


Ok, sorry for the inconvinence, we'll try to give you a solution soon.


We've made some changes to try and solve this problem.

If you share your worksheets with a custom link and assign a maximum number of times the worksheet can be done, when the student reaches that maximum he will then see the resolved worksheet will all the annotations you type.

If the custom link does not have a maximum number of times this can't be done.