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Erro nas correções


Mais alguém com erro nas correções?

Vejam essa atividade como exemplo:

Respostas corretas:

A aluna acertou a 1, 3 e 4, mas todas ficaram como erradas:

Não estou entendendo nenhuma das correções. Esse é só um exemplo, mas Todas as tarefas que estou enviando estão dando errada, bem complicado isso...

by Gabriella Hilário


Hi Gabriella,

The highlight fields with the same identifier are a "group", if one of the answers is incorrect all answers are incorrect. 

Looks like all the answers from the different questions have the same identifier, you should change the identifier of the different questions.

You can check the help section of the Highlight fields to know how to associate the answers with a new identifier.

If you need any additional help, please let us know.

Thanks for your response! But I didn't understand.

Why would the boxes be considered as a group? It doesn't make sense '-' There is no reason to attach the boxes to identifiers as it's done with the drag and drop activities. But okay...

How do I correct this? When I created the worksheet I just copy and paste the boxes, because for me it was easier. Do I have to delete all the boxes and create all of them again one by one?


Gabriella Hilário 15 days ago

Hi Gabriella,

The boxes are considered a group while they have the same identifier. Think of it as they are all answers to the same question, for example when you ask to fill the blank in the sentence "Alice .... fifteen years old" you can add several highlight fields with different correct and incorrect options. If a student marks a correct answer as incorrect or vice versa all the question is incorrect,

If you don't want the answers to be considered as a group you just need to assign a different identifier to each answer.

In your worksheet it looks like answers for each question should have the same identifier but different from the other questions. In order to achieve this you can select the fields from each answer and click on the "Associar con um novo identificador". Remember that holding the Shift key you can select more than one field and this could make it easier to change.

We hope we explained it better than the last time and if you need a hand with the worksheet, just let us know.

Kind regards.