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How to get TopWorksheets certifications

The TopWorksheets platform offers multiple functionalities and tools to improve our classes and the education of our students.

Learning how the entire platform works can help us improve as teachers and educators. To achieve this, the certifications we can get will help us to progress and add knowledge to our repertoire.

Each certification is composed of a series of modules that we must complete. Each of them is focused in one of the TopWorksheets functionalities or tools and contains a series of instructions that we must follow to complete it and move on to the next one.

To access the different certifications click the profile icon in the top-right and select the option My certifications. This will show the list of the different certifications and the status of each one.

Once we start a certification, we can see the instructions that we must follow in each of the modules. They consist of a series of actions we must perform in the platform itself.

As an example, we can see the first module of the beginner certification: we will have to edit a worksheet, add a series of fields and change the font of one of them. Once we have finished these steps, we will save the worksheet and the system will check if we have done the steps correctly. If everything's correct, we will pass this module and we will be able to continue with the next one. Once all the modules of a certification have been completed we will get the certification and the corresponding medal.