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TopWorksheets AI limitations

TopWorksheets AI is an artificial intelligence-based text generation model. It is based on OpenAI's GPT-3 technology and has been trained on a large amount of text in order to be able to produce content tailored to the selected topic.

Like all AI models, it has a number of limitations due to the quantity and quality of the data it has been trained with, the algorithms used and the way it works. As a result, you might find that, ocasionally, it generates questions that:

  • have no relation to the indicated topic
  • the question does not make sense in the context
  • the answers to the question are incorrect
  • the questions or answers are biased

That's why TopWorksheets AI is just an assistant for question generation. Questions and answers generated should not be considered as correct by default, and the teacher must always review and validate them. Both questions and answers can be modified once added to the worksheet, so use them as a source of inspiration when creating worksheets.

TopWorksheets AI is open to all teachers, with some limitations on the use depending on the teacher's premium plan.

We are evaluating its performance and understanding how to improve its results. As such, it will get better as we have more data on how teachers use it, the answers it provides and how they are used.