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How to import your groups from Classroom or Teams

If we are already working with Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams we can import our existing groups into TopWorksheets. This will allow us to publish assignments automatically to these platforms, as well as synchronize student grades, sending them to Classroom and Teams when students submit their answers, saving a lot of time.

To import our groups we click the Create new group button from the My groups page. When the modal window appears we must click on the platform from where we want to import them. If we have not done it before, we must identify on the platform and give permission to TopWorksheets to have access to the list of groups.

Once access has been granted, a list of all the groups we have in the platform will appear and we will be able to select which ones we want to import and which ones we don't. Once we have selected the ones we are interested in, we will click the Import button and all of them will be created in TopWorksheets associated to the corresponding group in your platform.

When we create tasks in these groups they will be automatically published and the grades will be synchronized on the platform.