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Student submissions

When students complete a task, their submission will appear in the Submissions section of the group the student belongs to, which we can access from the sidebar in our teacher page or from the My groups page.

From the Student submissions page, we can filter submissions using various criteria: the group, the date of submission, read/unread or even by searching text, for example, if we want to search for submissions from a specific student.

When we view a submission we can see who has done it, as well as the grade obtained and the date on which it was made.

We will also see the worksheet as it was completed by the student, showing the grade and a color code for each answer: green if the answer is correct and red if it is incorrect.

We can download each submission in PDF format, to save it in our computer, and we can mark it as unread to manage it later.

My students have not send their tasks, what can I do?

If some of your students have not send their tasks in a closed group you can mark this task as not submitted. The students who receive this mark will be graded as 0 in this task and their task will be marked as not submitted. To do this you just need to go to the "Assigned tasks" tab in the group and select the task some students have not sent, once in the task page you will see besides the names of the students that have not sent the task a button with the text "Mark as not submitted", like in the image below. If you click the button the system will warn you that the student will receive a grade of 0 in this task and you must confirm the action. Once it's done you will see the student's task marked as not submitted.

On open groups this action can't be done. On Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams groups this action needs to be done on the Classroom or Teams platform.