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Add annotations to student's submissions

When you receive a student's submission or when you are correcting one, it may be interesting to give feedback to the student about his result or take notes for ourselves. We can do that by adding annotations to the submission.

The annotations can be just a text, different figures or we can even draw on the page, like we would do when correcting it in paper. To do this, when viewing the submission we just have to click on the desired kind of annotation we want to add in the toolbar in the bottom of the screen and then click in the submission in the place where we want to add the annotation. While editing the annotation, we change its size by dragging it from the bottom-right square.

Once we have added an annotation we can edit or delete it with the icons that appear inside it.

We can download the corrected submission as PDF to send it to our student and he will be able to see the annotations we have added to it.

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