Choice Board - TEMPLATE 1

Language: English
Subject: Moral Education > Ethics
Age: 11 - 12

(i.e.) “Use this character map to illustrate how each Patriarch was transformed throughout their story. What stands out to you?

(i.e.) Compare the experiences faced by two of the Patriarchs. Highlight one important lesson that can be learned from them.

Research the concept of covenant in the Bible. Write a short summary explaining its importance in the stories of the Patriarchs. Include, also, how you can view your own personal relationship with God as a covenant.

(i.e.) Create a digital timeline with 5 key events for one of the Patriarchs. Color code different types of events & include a key. (ex) blue=promises, green= tests of faith, etc.

(i.e.) Read the story of Isaac's lie about Rebekah in Genesis 26:6-11. Write a letter of advice to Isaac answering THESE questions to help him make a better decision in the future.

(i.e) Make a digital collage with at least two images and two words for each of the Patriarchs that represent God's grace and/or provision in the lives.

(i.e.) Complete THIS graphic organizer illustrating the effect Abraham’s favoritism toward Isaac had on the next generations that followed.

(i.e.) Read both sides of THIS friendly debate. Who do you believe is right? Why?Defend your reasons using biblical text evidence.

(i.e.) Create a short podcast episode discussing the ethical implications of Abraham's decision to sacrifice Isaac. Include a brief summary of the story, your personal reflections, and the perspectives of other classmates.