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Wrong Answers !


We should have the possibility of marking an activity as dangerous or something like this!

I've been seeing A LOT of activities where the correct answers don't make sense AT ALL, and it's very dangerous to people who are learning a new language :/

My students just told me that the activity that they we're doing was marking correct answers as wrong, and when I went to see the right answers sheet (the original one),  the words that were put as correct were ALL wrong. Imagine a person trying to learn the language by him/herself seeing this ?  



Hi Yulli,

We have a report worksheet feature on the worksheet page, you can use it to report any incorrect answers, copyrighted material or any other problem in the worksheet.

As we have thousands of worksheets created by teachers over the world, if you see anything that's wrong, please let us know with this link so we can review the worksheet and check that everything is correct.

I found it !

Thanks a lot for your answer ! 

I was really worried about it ~

YULLI FURMAN 10/10/2022