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Worksheet folders: move worksheets to a different position


Hi! Is there any way to move the worksheets within a worksheet folder - to organize them alphabetically/worksheet number/etc? I've looked all over but can't find this option.

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie,

Right now the worksheets appear by alphabetical order using the worksheet title. We are working on a way to change the default order on the folders.

In the meantime you can change the title of the worksheets prepending an order number to get the ordering you want.

We'll inform you when the new sort feature is available.

Ok great, that will work perfectly for now! Thanks so much. :)

Charlie Ziese 10/11/2022

Hi Charlie,

I was looking at this and noticed that this will only work for folders not for worksheets. Sorry for the mistake.

We are planning to release the new feature allowing change the order of the appearing worksheets tomorrow.

We'll let you know.

Sorry again

Ok, no worries. Thanks! Looking forward to it. I'm still new here, so just trying to figure things out and get my worksheets sorted. But I'm super happy to see how quick you are to respond to eveyone's questions on here and make adjustments to the site based on the comments. So super happy with it so far! :)

Charlie Ziese 10/11/2022

Hi Charlie,

We managed to add this feature today, it's already available for everyone.

To change the order of the worksheets you need to go to the Account configuration page and under the Config tab select if you want to order your worksheets by publish date (the default option) or by title. You can see an example in the following screenshot.

We hope this feature is useful for you.

Thanks so much! Just tried it and it's working perfectly. This is a great feature and really appreciate the follow up! :)

Charlie Ziese 10/11/2022