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We are starting the week full of news! Check them:

  • Multiple Union: The Join tool will allow the union of more than two fields from now on. A very useful feature for creating join the dots activities. 
  • Recover answers: The student’s progress will be saved when answering a worksheet that has been sent as a task. Therefore, if the process of responding a worksheet is interrupted, they can always recover them. 
  • Change answers correction: For the Answers and the Selector fields is now available the option to re-correct the questions. This will allow you to change them from correct to incorrect and vice versa. The grade will be automatically recalculated with the new correction. 
  • New section: In the Help of the platform, there’s a new section: the Webinars. A place where we have collected all the webinars and tutorials, both our own and external, to learn from scratch all the features TopWorksheets has. 

Hope you like all the novelties! Have a good week.

by Cristina TopWorksheets