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WHAT'S NEW? (Week 40)

Hello everybody! The first week of October ends with the next updates:

Drag & Drop upgrades: Now you can upload images from Google Drive or via URL.

More ways to share the links: You will be able to share the worksheet’s links with your students through a QR code. Therefore, students will be able to access the custom links through this code.

Improvements in Google Classroom: Now it’s possible to indicate the maximum number of times that a student can complete a worksheet when sent as a task in Google Classroom.

More options to make annotations: In the submissions received there are now a series of improvements to make more personalized annotations when correcting a worksheet.

In addition, the final grade of the submissions can be modified and comments can be made on it.

If you have any suggestions, do not hesitate to let us know, we are all ears!

by Cristina TopWorksheets


Great, excellent, thanks.

SENA ENGLISH 10/12/2021

If students are allowed to take the worksheet multiple times, will we still see the original score? I don't want them taking the worksheet until perfection without my being able to see the first score first. As long as I can see the scores for EACH time they take it, I'd be ok with this. But I like that they can take it multiple times. 

Emily Sandidge 11/18/2021

Hi Emily, 

If you allow the students to do a worksheet multiple times and send you the results, each time they do it you will receive a different submission and you will be able to see the score and the date and time of every submission.