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WHAT'S NEW?: Free Premium month

Hi! Here you have the latest updates TopWorksheets has had this week:

Number of tasks: This new function groups those worksheets that have been done more than once. Until now, the teacher only received the submission of the last time the student had complete a task. With this novelty, a new field will appear in the Student Submissions section: # submissions, with which we will know how many times a student has done that task. Once we enter to see the worksheet, we will be able to see the scores that the student has obtained in the previous submissions of that same task.

Free Premium plan: We have just launched the referral program. If you don’t have a Premium account, you can get one for a month by inviting fellow teachers to use TopWorksheets. It’s very easy, once one of your referrals registers and receives at least one submission from their students, both of you will be gifted with a free month’s credit. In addition, if they hire a Premium plan, you will get another free month. 

by Cristina TopWorksheets



I just want to know " If I invite 3 teachers or more, will I get the same number of free premium months?

Virtual Campus 10/28/2022


Yes, for every invited teacher that receives at least a submission of their students or contracts a premium plan you will get a free month. 

The maximum number of free months to enjoy is 12.

Hope this answers your question. 

Thank you

Virtual Campus 10/29/2022