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WHAT’S NEW? (September 21st, 2021)

Welcome to the new Community format! Here are the latest updates we have done in TopWorksheets:

  • New type of Response: Image Answer. Students now have the possibility to upload images in response to a question. The files can be uploaded from the device they are using, by pasting an URL or via Google Drive.
  • See the total number of points and questions a worksheet has. In the “Settings” there are now two fields that will give us this information. The platform will take into account that they are questions that have an answer, the Text or Image fields would not count.
  • Download worksheets in PDF. With this option, the creator of a worksheet can download it to use it offline and print it.
  • Empty the inbox. This update allows you to delete all the submissions from the inbox. It’s very useful, for example, when starting a new academic year.
  • Edit custom links. In the “My Links” section, you can now edit the existing ones and make the changes you need. However, you will not be able to change the group or the score system if there are already student’s submissions with that link.
  • Mark as read several submissions at the same time.
  • New community. The Community format has been totally renewed with a simpler and more direct structure.

From the TopWorksheets team we hope you liked these updates. Remember that you can write us for any suggestion!

by Cristina TopWorksheets


Thank you very much for this update, I will be waiting for an option to return corrected Worksheets with annotations through the website to emails or with a link  instead of downloading. 

Thanks a lot. 

SENA ENGLISH 09/22/2021

Hi Wilfredo, 

We are already working on that, we hope we can announce it soon.