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WHAT’S NEW?: Schedule assignments in Google Classroom and much more

Hello! We start March with many updates, don’t miss them:

  • Download all the submissions of a student: The option that allows us to download all the worksheets that a student has sent to us is now available. It’s very easy, we will receive an email with a link to download them. Don’t forget that they can only be downloaded from those students who belong to a closed group.
  • Download all the submissions of a task: In the Assigned Tasks section of a group (both open and closed), we will find a new option to download all the submissions of a specific task. The process is the same as the previous one; it will be through a link that we will receive in our email. 
  • Continue later button for students: Those students who belong to a closed group will be able to save the progress of a worksheet and continue later. Unfinished tasks will appear in the Pending Tasks section so that they can finish and send them to the teacher. 
  • Add instructions to the worksheets: When assigning tasks to students, we have added a new field: Instructions. In this box, you can explain the task or add any comments. These instructions would appear above the worksheet, without taking up space on it.
  • Schedule assignments is Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams: Now, when you create an assignment for Classroom or Teams in TopWorksheets, it will automatically synchronize with the platforms and the task would be scheduled for the day you have indicated. This will save time and work for the teacher, since they would be able to schedule tasks for the future without having to do anything else. 
  • New filters in the groups: We have added filters for a better search of student’s submissions. You can search now by dates to find submissions within a specific time range. 

We link a tutorial where we explain all these new updates in detail:


If you have any suggestion, let us know!

by Cristina TopWorksheets


Hello, thanks for the update,

I think you should improve the audio box, when we or a student  clicks to pause the audio, it starts over, also, there is not a way to move forward o backward the audio progress.

Please help me / us with that,

Thaks in advance

SENA ENGLISH 03/23/2022


Just a couple of days ago we improved the audio player in the worksheets, if you have a worksheet with an audio field or an voice answer field you will see it in the worksheet page (not in the editor).  Once you play the audio you can pause it and continue later. Also a progress bar will appear under the field and you can use this progress bar to move forward or backward. 

Hope that improvement is useful for you.