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WHAT’S NEW?: Return submissions, change corrections, finish tasks and much more

Hello! Here you have the updates TopWorksheets has had this week explained one by one:

  • Return submissions: If you want a student to repeat a task, we have added an option to make this possible. To activate this function, the students must belong to a closed group and the task would appear as Returned.
  • Change the correction of any field: Until now, only the Written answer and the Dropdown appeared as re-correctable fields when you wanted to change a worksheet’s correction. With this update, you can change any answers correction, except for the wordsearch, of a student’s submission. In addition, we have added new filters that allow you to see all answers, only correct or incorrect ones. 
  • Correct auto-grading questions: When a worksheet has open questions that need to be corrected manually and auto-grading questions that correct themselves, you can now change the correction of the auto-grading ones. You just have to deactivate the View open-ended questions only new button that will appear below. 
  • Finish a task: When assigning a task to students, if no completion date was indicated, the worksheet could always continue to be done. However, if it was deleted, the submissions were also lost. With the Finish task option, you can put an end to them avoiding losing the worksheets that have already been sent by your students and at the same time, prevent more submissions from being sent. 
  • Audio player improvements: We have added playbacks improvements when adding audio tracks to a worksheet. The student, when listening to them, will be able to pause it and jump to any point of it thanks to the progress bar that would appear at the bottom. 
  • More megabytes: The size of multimedia files uploaded to the worksheets has been increased in Premium accounts. Now, the files will have a size up to 5 megabytes each.
  • PayPal integration: PayPal has been added as a payment method in TopWorksheets. This Internet payment service has many advantages such as simplicity, speed and security. 
  • Reactivate groups: Now you can rescue and reactivate those groups that you have finished at some point. 
  • Tool name changes: Some tool names have been changed for better understanding. In addition, we have improved the help of the editor. We leave you here the result:

Answer → Written answer

Multiple choice → Highlight 

Selector → Dropdown

In the following link you can watch a brief tutorial where all these new updates are explained in detail:

See you soon!

by Cristina TopWorksheets


Excellent updates, thanks a lot.

SENA ENGLISH 04/08/2022