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What’ New (June 18th 2021)

Happy Friday everyone! Here are this week news:

Voice Answer: This new option will allow the students answer with their own voice. It’s an open question, son the autograding will be deactivated.

New Tool: Draw. The students will be able to draw and unleash their creativity. It’s a blank space with a multitude of options and colours. Like the previous one, it’s an open answer.

Massive submissions deletion: Now you can delete your student’s submissions all at the same time, instead of one by one.

Recycled bin: When deleting files or student submissions, they will be stored in the recycled bin for a period. This will allow their recovery after they have been deleted.

If you want more information visit our YouTube channel (TopWorksheets) where all the news are visually explained!

by Cristina TopWorksheets