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What’ New (July 10th 2021) (Week 27)

Hello! We hope these updates are useful to you⬇️

Answers that do not count for the final grade: Available in the Multi-Choice, Draw and Voice Response fields. You can activate the option so that the answers do not count for the final calculation of the worksheet. In addition, in Draw and Voice Response the worksheet can still be selfgrading even if they have those types of fields.

Open questions with scoring: Now it’s possible to indicate which grade we would like to evaluate an open question. In the correction, you can choose the grade between 1 and the number that we have indicated before.

Annotations in the submissions: This option will allow you to write annotations anywhere on the worksheet when correcting it. These annotations will appear both in the submission and in the downloaded PDF.

For more information, visit our YouTube channel (TopWorksheets)!

by Cristina TopWorksheets