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Vertically center text in answer boxes


Hello! It appears, in the answer text boxes (for written answers, etc.) that the text can only be centered horizontally. However, is it possible to give the option to center the text vertically as well. Or perhaps this can be done by default? Otherwise, the text box takes up a bit more space than is needed, and for worksheets with small spaces - this option would be really helpful. 

Thanks for the consideration! :)

by Charlie Ziese


Hi Charlie, 

You are right, we will look into this and we hope to have available soon. We'll keep you posted. 

Thanks for the suggestion. 

Thanks so much! :)

Charlie Ziese 11/06/2022

Hi Charlie,

We just added the possibility to vertically align texts inside fields in the visual editor.

Check it out and tell us what you think.


Yay! Looks amazing. Thanks so much! :)

Charlie Ziese 11/09/2022