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When my students wanted to upload their image, it says that it exceeded the maximum size.

Is there any way to know what is the maximum size? Or can the size allowance be increased?

by Teacher Tiara


Hi Tiara, 

The maximum size for the students' images is 2MB, it should be enough for a picture. 

If you continue having problems or your students can't make the images smaller please let us know and we'll see if we can do something. 

I have tried doing a test run and used my camera phone to snap a photo of a drawing I did on a piece of paper, and the size exceeded the limit due to my camera photo quality. Some of my students are also having the same problem. Is there any way that the photo that they upload could be automatically compressed?

Teacher Tiara 09/16/2021

Hi Tiara,

We've made some change and you should not have any problems uploading images even if you take a picture directly with your phone.

Yes it works now. Thank you so much! 

Teacher Tiara 09/16/2021