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Hello everyone! Here you have the latest updates that the platform has had these weeks:

Improvements in the “My worksheets” section

In My worksheets, the option to sort them according to our preferences is now available, we can choose by title or publication date. You can change this in the Account Configuration section, in the Configuration button and modify the default ordering from there.

In addition, we have added the chance of creating two levels of folders to a better organization of the worksheets. Now you can create subfolders and add images for better identification.

Groups with co-teachers

The same group of students and multiple teachers at the same time to manage them. There are times when several teachers must take control of the same group of students and for that we have added the option to manage them together.

Improvements in “My score systems”

When creating and customizing a new score system, you can now choose not to round off a student's final grade. The grade will be shown with decimals. However, to display custom messages or images, you will need to choose the round mode. 

Larger file capacity

For a quality use of the platform, we have increased the maximum file size in all plans:

Free plan: from 2MB to 5MB

Premium Plan: from 5MB to 10MB

We have also increased the number of audios that can be uploaded to a worksheet with the free plan: from 3 to 5 files.

Quick multiple assignment of tasks

When we assign all the worksheets in a folder to a group of students, we will have the option to copy the data from one task to another. In this way, if they all have the same start date, you will just have to indicate it in the first one and it will be copied to the others. This will save us time and prevent us from having to add them one by one.

In addition, another update is that tasks can be sorted (according to publication date or file title) when they are created from a folder.

Real time monitoring

You can see live the answers of your students while they are doing an assignment. In closed groups, when a student is completing a task, “In Progress” button will appear and if we click on it, we will be able to see the questions that they have answered, even if they have not turned in the task yet.

Improvements in the Submissions section

The option to mark all submissions in a group as read is now available. You can find this in the More Actions button on a group's submissions section.

Improvements in the Word Search

The word search tool has been updated and improved. Now you can customize the colors of the cells, the words to search for and even choose between upper and lower case.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments!

by Cristina TopWorksheets