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Transferring groups from Microsoft Teams



My school uses Teams and Clever, where the kids already have accounts and are in groups. I'm unable to transfer those groups to the TopWorksheets platform to assign the tasks more easily. The person in charge of Teams already authorized the use, but I still get an "Error 404" message. Does anyone know why I get this message or how to fix it?

Also, if TW connects with Teams, do kids need to create accounts in TW to see their tasks and save their work or they could use their Teams/ Clever account? Thank you!

by Señorita Tovar


Hi Señorita Tovar,

We are sorry to hear that. Please let us know in which step of the process are you getting the 404 error and we'll investigate the origin of the problem.

From your message we understand that and admin has already granted permissions to the TopWorksheets app in Microsoft Teams. The next steps should be: importing groups and creating tasks.

If you give us a little more information we are going to try to fix this.

Best regards.