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Text Boxes Style - Background


I imported some worksheets from Live Worksheets and my text boxes are all white now. The fonts are ok. How can I change the colour of the text boxes?

Thank you

by laura larisa


Hi Laura,

On Text fields you can change the color of the text by selecting the field and clicking on the drop icon in the top bar. Here you can see a screenshot showing it.

Change Text font color

We hope we solved your doubts.

Kind regards.

Hi Christian,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I can change the colour of the text, but I can't change the colour of the box containing the text, the inside (fill) colour.  Is this not supported? 

laura larisa 08/09/2023

Hi Laura,

Changing the background color of a Text field is not supported yet, but you can use the Figure field to make the background color of the text with any color you want. For example, you can create a Text field with a Figure field under:

Figure under Text field

And in the worksheet will look like this:

Figure under Text field

I hope this works for you.

Kind regards.