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By default, the task can be submitted as many times as the student wants, but parents are telling me that they cannot do it once the task has been submitted and marked. The answers appear in green, and they cannot reset the worksheet and do it again. Many of them get 10/10 but want to do the same worksheet several times but on different days.  Can you tell me how to fix that?

Thank you


by laura larisa


Hi Laura,

Without knowing exactly which task are we talking about, you have 8 different tasks, this is probably caused because you marked the option "Allow students to resubmit the task by only redoing incorrect answers from last submission". When this option is active the students that answered correctly all questions they can't submit the task again.

If you want your students to submit any number of times they want even if they got all the answers right, you can leave this option unchecked.

Kind regards.

Thank you, Christian

I've recently attempted this, but I'm wondering if there's a way to enable both options: "allow students to resubmit the task by only redoing incorrect answers from the last submission" and "start the task anew." Some parents prefer their children to retake the same quiz multiple times on different days,  even if they achieve a perfect score, while others would rather not have their children restart it entirely every time they make a mistake. How can I fix this? We have a considerable number of students, and it's not feasible to create custom settings for each student individually.



laura larisa 10/30/2023

This configuration can only be done at task level not at student level so it's not possible to activate both options.

However, there still something you can try.

If you are using open groups you can create 2 tasks, each one with the option active or inactive, and send different links to the students whose parents prefer that option.

And if you are working with closed groups and have a premium plan you could assign 2 different tasks, one with each option and assign each one to the student who their parents prefer that option. When assigning a task to a closed group with a premium plan you can select the students you want to receive this task, the other group's students won't receive it.

Kind regards.