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Suggestion: Add a button for new Identifier



Just as an user input and suggestion, it would be really handy to have a button to create a new Identifier for a new set. The list can get quite long and the option to do so shows at the end of all created identifiers, scrolling down seems cumbersome.


by Xavier Bit


Hi Xavier,

We are going to look at it. It's true that with a lot of identifiers it can be a little annoying.

We'll keep you posted.


Hi Xavier,

We have made this change, so now assigning a new question for Join, Checkbox, Highlight and Multiple-choice fields will be done with a button instead of going to the end of the dropdown.

You can take a look in the following screenshot.

Best regards.

Hi Christian!

That's perfect, thank you so much for this little but very useful change.

Topworksheets rock!

Xavier Bit 02/06/2023